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Finally! A Business Network designed to SUPPORT YOUR GROUP OBJECTIVES while creating high-value for your members!

YPC Hello Launches January 2nd, 2024!

Don't Miss this Oppportunity


1 in 8 People are in Sales Related Jobs (USA)

The US Census Bureau says there are approximately
5.7 million professional salespeople in the USA.

That's 5.7 million people who are candidates for the YPC Hello Network!

The Hello Network is for groups of business minded groups looking to grow their networks and improve their bottom line.



  • Free Membership

  • Free Group Business Listing

  • Promotes Your Group Membership

  • You Keep ALL of your Event Revenue!

  • Generate Long Term Affiliate Benefits

  • Build Loyalty & Customer Satisfaction

  • Find New Prospects for your business.

  • Full Check-In & Attendance Tracking

  • Unlimited Employee / Assistant Access

  • Create Private or Public Events

  • "Business Card Roster" of Attendees

  • Free Business Listing

  • YPC Cutting Edge Technology


  • Free Membership

  • Mobile App driven Listing Resource

  • Attend with a click

  • Networking Extreme

  • Access to Free and Paid Events

  • Fast, Efficient Member Connections


  • Free to Everyone

  • Fastest Growing Business Network in the World!

How Does It Work?

It's Easy!

  • Register as a Hello Group

  • Add your Event(s) through the YPC App

  • Provide your Affiliate Link to your members to see / register for events.

  • Members view upcoming business events and click "Attend" button

  • We redirect members to your pay site & you mark paid status.

  • View your roster in real-time at the event.

  • Assign reps to help with check-in process.

  • Review post-event attendees / business cards.

  • Reach out for new subscribers to your group!


Your HELLO Network Membership is FREE

Presuming you adopt one simple rule ...

Our Free Group Accounts require a minimum 20% discount to YPC Pro Members at events.

This is to YOUR BENEFIT!

When YPC Pro Members have preferred access and they save money at events, and the "YPC Free" member is motivated to upgrade benefiting our Affiliates.

  • Pro Members feel special!

  • Pro Members are more likely to attend YOUR EVENT.

  • Pro Members have Better Digital Business Cards (with intro videos, card graphics, call-to-action banners, etc.).

  • And, best of all, Affiliates Win Big!


All Group Accounts start at the same FREE level. If you don't want to offer a minimum 20% discount to YPC Pro Members, simply upgrade your account to the Paid Service.

Those who join now will be invited to pre-launch meetings where we will discuss the Hello Network and answer any questions. Early Adopters will have the potential to secure the majority of upgrades in their market and win big with the Hello Network!

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